Let's Stroll Along Arima Dressed In Kimono! - SALON DE LOTUS-

To whom visit in Arima Onsen (Hot Spring)

Ladies and gentlemen who came from abroad or young couple living in Japan are probably unfamiliar of Japanese traditional lifestyle. If so, we would like to invite those to have an experience of it.

  • BEST VALUE! We rental or sell 2nd-handed or antique vintage kimono to our customer with reasonable price. You can try freely.

  • BE CREATIVE! Antique kimono has different taste compare to the modern one and size or how to wear is also a bit different. It can be wear as your own taste; please try something new!

  • EASY TO WEAR! We can support you dress up, so you don't have to to worry about 'how to' wear by yourself.

With your family or friends, let's enjoy sightseeing in Arima, walking around, taking photo yourself with wearing Kimono!

Step 1: Check the available date & time here ---> Available Date/Time for Booking - Event Calendar -

Step 2: Confirm the available date & time and make booking by input necessary information by clicking the following "Reservation" Botton. --->


Contents of Operation, Points to Note, Operating Days of the week

Contents Of Operation:

(1) We sell or rental Kimono and the related items which mainly are antiques including recycle or vintage items and the rest is unused or new products with set price.

(2)Open 11 am - 5 pm on Every Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday but please check the availability since it is irregularly closed.

(3) We also held optional tour with attending tourist as a guide (English translation) i.e. Tea Ceremony at Garden's Tea House, etc.

Kimono Rental Price&Options:

  • Kimono De Photo (Wearing kimono & take photo) : JYE1,500

  • "SILVER" Casual Walk: JYE3,000 -

  • "GOLD" Elegant Walk: JYE3,000 -

  • "TAIKO" Gorgeous Furisode (need booking): JYE7,000.-

  • Tea at Japanese Garden: JYE6,000

  • Tea Ceremony Experience: JYE2,000(Group) / JYE6,000-(Private)

  • Kimono De Tour (Stroll town with sake tasting) JPY4,000


*VAT included--- 8%

More To Enjoy & Attention: After enjoying a walk around with Kimono, if you wanted, some of the kimono is available for sale. They are suitable for souvenir to your close friends or family members. Please note some of our products are vintage item which had been used so it should not be recommended for those who is sensitive for it or those who are not like antiques.

Available Date/Time:

Every Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri (*)

*Please verify our event calender. We will inform details by e-mail after customers send us their reservation.


We should have change the event date without advance notification. It also can be affected the weather or any other unexpected situation such as force major. If the payment had been already done, we will refund the amount back to your indicated bank account by wired transfer. If it can be postponed or change another date/time, we can examine and accept it if it suitable for customer as well.

***Please Note: For cancellation after booking confirmation, free for two days advance notification, 50% of total amount charged for one day advance notification. Customer must pay 100% of total amount charged if cancellation was done at the event date.

Operation Time: 11 am to 5 pm ( irregularly we are out of the place due to attend optional tour)

Associated Accommodations in ARIMA:

Kadonobo, Arima Royal Hotel, Kamiobo,Hotel Hana Koyado

Other cooperated shops :

This event is being organized by Lotus World Express. HP sake.lotus-worldex.com

If should have any inquiries, please e-mail us at info@lotus-worldex.com.