Rental Plan (From JYE3,000-)

Rental can be done for any item you select.

※Reservation must be at least one week prior to the implement date.

If would like to make reservation on a day before or the day of implementation, please end e-mail ( so that our representative can answer you our availability.


Step 1: Go to 'Reservations' and booked as 'Rental Plan' and send the form

you can choose your favorite item from ”LOOK BOOK" or as there are more kinds of items so just come and choose one, whichever can be arranged

Step 2: Our shop representative will contact you for details with price

Step 3: Reply by e-mail for confirmation

Step 4: Pay deposit (JYE1,500) first or complete advance payment ***

Step 5: Come to see items and try it (You can change your plan if needed)

Step 6: complete payment if there is any additional amount

Step 7: Return item within 2 days (when you can not return by 6 pm, please leave it to Hotel's front desk)

*** Deposit can be refund if you want to cancel before the event date. (We are sorry but the wired transfer fee should be claimed to customer. ) It also can be refundable even on the event date but you must come to the place if it was the day of the event.

The Hotel guests who stayed in the place to be held can come to shop without paying Deposit.