Antique Market November 21-22

投稿日: 2015/12/04 10:03:52

At Shitenno-ji Temple Antique Market in November 21 & 22.

(Left) Coordinated style which gives me a image of Christmas, Red & Black silk kimono & Obi (Shioze) with Beret; the guest lady who complete this style by quickly pick up a piece of stripe colored silk cloth and set it in place of 'Obiage'! Her act fascinating me!

(Center, right)

The other guest lady dressed in a black cloak also wore a cute handmade 'Obidome' - which was the crest of 'Laputa, The Flying Island' animation film made by Hayao Miyazaki.

(Below-Left) The other lady guest made a lovely Obi with the 'Meisen' kimono fabric which her previously purchased in September. It was very pretty and cool!! I was happy to see the final product.

(Below-right) The two ladies who said their relationship is a mentor and a student for Kimono re-making. They also made obi or accessories by themselves. I admire the way of the freewheeling thinking.

Indeed, those guests have their own style. Kimono dressing is cool!