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Vintage Antique Kimono, Rental, Resale And Other Activities for Tourists in Arima Hot Springs & Nara


With kimono you can change yourself into an elegant lady & gentlemen! In fascinating hot spring resort or ancient cities, you are to be enchanted by Japanese traditional experiences. Let's try with kimono!

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Tour & Experience 'Tea Ceremony at Japanese Garden in Kimono'

>Strolling a Japanese garden and participate a traditional tea ceremony wearing kimono, - learn the depth of Japanese culture, the way of tea - (English language)Price: JYE11500 / USD98 (Tax excluded)

Period: March 2017 - November 2017

Place: Nara, Japan

*Minimum number of participants: 2 persons

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Hair & Makeup JYE15,000

Geisha Makeover
Simple & Easy Plan
Traditional Plan

Coordinate and dressing up support included - Free Photo

Kimono Rental Plan -

Natural Walk in Nara Park and Nara Machi with Kimono - Free Photo

Kimono Purchase Plan - Easy & Casual ←Recommended!

Kimono Dressing by Professionals if you want! - Free Photo

Kimono Purchase Plan - Traditional ←Recommended!