'Nara No Sora Kara' at JR Nara Sta. in March 06, 2016

posted 3 Apr 2016, 01:54 by ETSUKO Ito   [ updated 3 Apr 2016, 01:57 ]
 THANK YOU ! Ladies & Gentlemen!

(From left to right Upper) a fresh lady guest from Thailand, with Blue & White tulip pattern Haori; guests from Taiwan, who is chic in the black haori, while the other lady wearing ori-zuru, the traditional Japanese paper craft bird pattern with light orange color haori; cute lady with bright orange flower pattern haori; beautiful couple guests from India
(From left to right Lower) cheerful and terrific ladies & gentlemen from Rome, Italy purchased samurai like black haori with family crest (kamon), etc.; another samurai from Taiwan - with a sword (?!)